The Brand

remember when

you were just a kid...

There was no judgement. Just acceptance.

Differences weren’t ridiculed. They were celebrated.

You danced like no one was watching. But you SO hoped they were!

You didn’t play games. Just sports. 

And, most importantly, smiles were free and in abundance!

Don’t just remember… SMILE! Pass it on!

The product

We've tried them all... that's why we're here!

FYI... we are activewear ADDICTS!

After changing the game with our globally-adored, market-leading, seamless and reversible swimwear over at Moana Bikini... we thought it was only fair that we leant our expertise to everyone's fave, day-to-day outfits!

We found that there were just too many activewear brands producing the same cuts and the same colours, using poor-quality fabrics that just don't last.

So we've taken our intense commitment to quality, our unbridled passion for unique and exclusive prints, and our desire for everyone to feel connected and inspired... and out came The Moana Smile Club.

Stay tuned... this is only the beginning!



Tag #smileclub on Instagram for a chance to be featured in our gallery @moanasmileclub
Everybody deserves a SMILE.